biaggi atelier 07

The gesture are repeated... They mark time and give rhythm to the work.

But every sign, all the color spots, are unique. They are beginning a own life.

When a trace of color is designed, the moment lives on.

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Cristina Biaggi Barnewitz

From Potsdam


back to the roods...


Southern Switzerland

Vivo e lavoro in Ticino, Svizzera italiana, mio paese d origine.

Textile designer di formazione, ho lavorato indipendentemente con il mio studio di progettazione,

collaborando con altri brands dell` accessorio moda.

Lavoro in stretto contatto con la natura, che mi entusiasma "mettere" nei miei tessuti.

Questo mi spinge a fare delle collezioni dipinte a mano o tinte con colori vegetali.

Per me cosi, l' unicita' di ogni stoffa prende vita e la riflette a chi lo porta.

I live and work in southern Switzerland, my country of origin.

After my study of textile design in Lugano/Switzerland, I worked independently and

I created fabrics for other brands of fashion accessory.

I work in close contact with nature and enjoy "put it" in my scarves.

This leads me to make fabrics that are hand-painted or dyed with vegetable dyes.

For me, in this way the uniqueness of each textiles comes to life and... is reflected by.

At the same time, I created the brand  b i a g g i  and I design scarves, shawls, grand foulards and stoles.

Also, all collections from the label  b i a g g i   are respecting ethics and environment.

They are timeless and maded with high-quality natural fibers.

This is the contemporary design and the philosophy from atelier b i a g g i .